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All About Online Therapy

2020 has been a year about change and flexibility. Online therapy is a way to be flexible with what life brings us, while still putting our addressing our needs.  


As long as you have a private place to go, you can literally be anywhere within Iowa or Florida to have our appointment. You can schedule over your lunch hour or between classes & meetings. 

Is it Secure? 

Online therapy uses a confidential, HIPAA secure video platform similar to FaceTime or Skype. All you need is a smartphone, IPad, or computer and some headphones (for privacy and to help with echo). 


Is it Effective? 

Research is showing online therapy to be just as effective as in-office treatment. Through video, it is possible to build an effective connection that helps bring about lasting change.


What makes any type of therapy effective is using a research-based approach & having a solid connection with your therapist. We call this having a good "fit". What we are finding is that it's not as important on how the therapy is provided, but well the fit is, between client and therapist. 

Do You Mind If I Catch Up On Other Stuff While We Talk? 

Yes, I do. It's hard to build a relationship with someone without their full attention. It may be tempting to get on your email or look up other things during our sessions, but if you are not fully present, you are likely to miss out on having that connection that is so important. 

I can't have sessions with clients who are driving, or engaging in activities where their lives could be at risk if they become emotionally upset. Therapy can be some tough work, so it will take your full attention. 

What If I Don't Have Wifi? 

Some people are able to use the data on their cell phone to have a video or phone session. If you can stream Netflix on your phone with no issues using the data, you will likely be fine using it for online therapy. 

What If I Don't Like It? 

There are some people who prefer meeting in person, in an office, and that's okay. If you decide that online therapy isn't right for you, I can help you search for some in-office providers. Please understand, to find a therapist specialized to meeting your needs, who would provide a good fit, you may have to travel further than anticipated. 

Online therapy isn't for everyone. If you struggle with technology or do not have reliable internet, in-office therapy would be more effective for you. 

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact me!  

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