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Therapy for Eating Disorders

Image by Caroline Veronez

Food is everywhere. It’s one of those things we can’t escape. It can drive a person crazy to feel out of control with food, and have to be surrounded by it at the same time.

Maybe you don’t buy certain foods, avoid the “unhealthy” ones. If you don’t allow ice cream, cookies or candy in the house, then you won’t be tempted by them. Which might temporarily work, but once you have access again, you over do it with the forbidden food.

On top of this, is the unrealistic expectations set by society, to maintain the perfect body, while still seemingly eating whatever you want.

Let’s get real –  

We know, without a doubt, diets do not work. I know you've been told if you just stay with it, it will work, and maybe it does for a little while. Diets tell you to cut out certain foods or restrict how many calories you eat in order to lose weight. We know restricting leading to binging. Many people end up going up and down, and up and down with their weight. Long-term, diets wreak havoc on our bodies & our confidence. 


Health cannot be measured by just one number, such as weight. A better picture of your overall health comes from looking at your lifestyle and your relationship with food. Food is also such an important part of culture. We socialize with food, celebrate with food, mourn with food. If you are struggling with food issues, know that you definitely aren't alone. It's not hard to start using food as a way to bring comfort for everyday stress, or by wanting to avoid foods that make you feel uncomfortable. 

I use the Health At Every Size (HAES) approach, as well as teach you mindful & intuitive eating. Whether you are restricting your eating, over-eating, night eating, or binge eating... I can help.


Are you ready to make peace with food? 

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