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Frequently Asked


Is Online Therapy Effective?

Absolutely! Research is finding online therapy to be just as effective as your traditional in-office therapy - with the convenience of skipping traffic and being anywhere you feel comfortable. 

How Does Online Therapy Work?

​Online therapy is pretty much the same as in-office, but about 10 minutes before your appointment, you'll get an email with a private link that will take you to our HIPAA secure video appointment.

What Do I Need To Do Online Therapy?

Online therapy is not right for everyone. You will need a private space with no interruptions. You will need a good internet connection, some type of smart device or computer, and headphones, which help reduce echo and help with privacy.

If you were in my office, I would provide some comforting things, such as kleenex, a fidget object, or even a bottle of water or a piece of chocolate. Please bring what you need to be comfortable during our sessions. 

How Long Are Sessions?

Sessions are typically 45-50 minutes long.

Do You Take Insurance?

I am an out of network provider with insurance. This means that you pay for sessions at the time of service, and then I give you a receipt called a superbill. The superbill has all the necessary information for an insurance company to process your claim, so you personally can be reimbursed for the cost based on your out of network benefits. You will deal directly with your insurance company to determine what they will pay for and how to get reimbursed by them.

What If I Don't Want My Insurance Company To Have Access To My Records or Diagnosis?

Therapy records are medical records. Any diagnosis given to you will become part of your permanent medical record with the insurance company. If you want privacy from an insurance company about your diagnosis or wish to not have a diagnosis, you can chose not to submit a superbill to your insurance company. 

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Our first appointment is an assessment to better understand what is going on and is where we talk more in-depth about your life and what is happening right now. Our first appointment is sometimes a bit longer (I set aside 90 minutes) and is $300.

After our initial assessment, we will start meeting on a weekly basis to build a trusting therapeutic relationship and get to work. When progress is being made, these sessions can then start to be spaced out more to every other week and then monthly, if needed. Individual sessions are $200.

Do You Prescribe Medication?

I am unable to prescribe medication.

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