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Let's build the life you want...

Strong emotions of fear, anxiety, anger or depression can often feel like they are running the show. These intense feelings can cause us to snap at others, over-eat, spend money, etc. All the while, wondering why you can’t just feel happy or have more control.

To simply “get over it” is an impossible feat, and the complexity of situation feels overwhelming, which is why common, short-term solutions are numbing the pain or ignoring it.

This disconnect causes the emotions to intensify…

& you’re losing hope, that this battle will ever end. The reality of what these behaviors have cost you sets in; lost relationships, experiences, promotions, financial stability & so much more.​

Now you are here: 

Together we can end the emotional rollercoaster & help you find peace and balance in your life. The researched based, therapeutic techniques I offer have been proven to help -- giving you the freedom you need, to build the live you want…

A life that's worth living. 

Image by Natalie Grainger



OCD and

Specific Phobias

Intense Emotions


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