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Live DBT Skills Course

Research shows learning DBT skills can benefit people from all walks of life. This live class is for anyone wanting to learn DBT skills, whether it is alongside their work with another therapist, or just to improve an area of their life. 


The skills are split into four modules, which include: 


Mindfulness helps you to see reality as it is without judgment. The goals of this module are to reduce suffering, increase control of your mind, experience the reality of your connection something bigger, and increase happiness. 

Distress Tolerance

The distress tolerance skills are used to help you get through crisis situations without making them worse. It includes acceptance skills that help you go from being "stuck" to moving forward. 

Emotion Regulation

In this module, you will learn skills to better help you understand what you're feeling, how to reduce your vulnerability to emotions, and how to change unwanted emotions. 

Interpersonal Effectiveness

We all want to be effective communicators, and the skills in this module are aimed at helping you get what you want or need from others, how to maintain relationships, and increase self-respect within relationships. 

DBT Skills Class Flyer_2024.png

Important Note: This live course is not therapy and is not meant to replace therapy. This is an educational class that only teaches the DBT skills. There will be no clinical assessment, no diagnosis, and no treatment plan or recommendations provided for participants. 

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