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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

BPD is often called emotional intensity disorder. It can sweep you away in anger or sadness, leaving you feeling helpless to control your reactions. It can look different in each person. Sometimes, it's anger that takes over. Other times, it's binge eating, or spending money, or something that brings you a sense of relief that you can't talk about with others. 

People find it hard to understand why you're so "emotional" and "dramatic" all of the time. They don't realize how intense and powerful the feelings can be, or the extreme it may take to help bring them down. ​They begin to distance themselves from you, the worst thing that could happen when you just want to connect. 

We've all been emotionally overwhelmed, but for people with BPD, this occurs more frequently and more intensely. It feels like you have to obey the feelings, even if you feel guilty and hate yourself afterwards. ​

If you're caught in this emotional rollercoaster, there is an effective treatment. I know it feels as though nothing will help, and you may have had previous therapy experiences that felt ineffective.  

The key to managing intense emotions is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT combines skill training, along with therapy, in a method that gives you back control over your life. To find out more about DBT, visit Resources for Clients & Families – Behavioral Tech


I provide DBT - informed therapy, meaning I have been trained in providing DBT, I am on an active DBT consultation team, but since I am a solo practice, I limit the DBT services I provide and the number of DBT clients I see. 

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